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I am sending you this email to let you know the results of the hormonal treatment by sounds that you sent me. I am very satisfied actually it worked straight out, and as soon as I stopped listening to the sounds or did it less I had acne on my face again, then I convinced myself that it was the best treatment that I might have. In the end I used the sounds for 3 months, twice a day, with immunity from time to time and I find myself today in great shape and without active acne. Thank you for all the attention you have paid me, for the form in which you develop your sounds, I would highly recommend you to my friends and relatives and above all I would not hesitate to come back to you.


Noémie G-V, Mexico

I have been practicing your IMMUNITY program for 4 days now (program received on April 10), and thanks to the donation you have kindly made, I would like to give you my impressions.

COVID 19 coronavirus, in the digestive form:

- violent vomiting,

- Excessive diarrhea,

- Confusion or even loss of balance,

- Headache

- Cough but not serious (a chance ...)

- Fever: which did not exceed 38 °

- Immense fatigue (invasive! To the point of not getting up ...)

- Loss of smell and taste,

... when I started the sessions, the first ones produced an immediate reaction on my body with a lot of perspiration, I felt that my body was starting to fight again, in a serious way! You had to hold on ....

I do 2 to 3 sessions per day, because I don't know if I should do more.

The result is there, still tired, but by "wave", more and less, but I get up, I found the smell and taste that I had lost and I eat again with homemade potato soups and carrots. I felt a need for sugar, so I'm having chocolate.

As a professional rescuer, I demarcated the house at the first sign:

- 1 bathroom and toilet, only for me (a chance to have a house equipped for all)

- My clothes are washed separately in the machine

- My cutlery, plates etc ... are insulated the time to clean them in the dishwasher always apart.

Then, gradually maintaining a rhythm of session, my state improved very much. My body reacted, fought, without other drugs ...

There, I still feel tired, but I get up, and I manage to resume a daily activity little by little ... so, I continue to do the sessions to recover.

Thank you so much....

Nathalie L. La Croix-Valmer

I felt the difference between the moments when I listen regularly and the moments when I no longer thought about it. Indeed, difficult to describe, but we will say that the "down" moments coincide with my lack of attendance.

The first listenings were rich in sensations:

- Feeling of dizziness for a fraction of a second only on the first listen

- Big regular sighs occurring systematically on the 3rd sound

- Resonance type in the maxillary sinuses,  intracranial at the frontal level, between the 2 temporal bones and   Intrauterine

- Feeling of light and warm tingling everywhere, as if there was an increase in capillary vascularization. More marked in the lower limbs, especially on the left.

- Impression of modification of the quality of the heartbeat, not so much in its rhythm but in the feeling that the heart is more expanded and that it beats more "smooth".

- Feeling of relaxation, I fell asleep 1 or 2 times,

- Feeling  refocus

Now, the sensations are less strong, or so I got used to it ... Really, thank you.

Mireille Picard, osteopath, Salernes, France

Indeed, on December 7, 2017, to save my racehorses from the fire that ravaged the training center in Bonsall, California, I almost lost my life. Transported by helicopter to the burn center in San Diego where I spent months between life and death, my body was 60% burned. Once I got out of a temporary coma during which I had multiple transplants, the problems continued. My left leg had to be amputated below the knee, and my kidneys stopped working. A long-time friend of mine sent me an audio frequency therapy program from her brother-in-law, Dr. JM Tung, who listened twice a day. A week went by, I had been on dialysis for 15 days; during his visit my doctor announced that I will need a kidney transplant as soon as possible. I looked at him and answered "no sir, everything has been working normally since this morning". He had a hard time believing it but turns out, after exams, my kidneys are perfectly healthy and he doesn't understand a thing. "It's a real miracle," he says. I told him about this program which is the cause of the healing of my kidneys. And from the bottom of my heart I know that it is thanks to Doctor JM Tung that my kidneys have found their good health. Since this serious accident, I also had video contact with Doctor JM Tung who was very interesting. Subsequently I received other programs for my skin, my voice, my eyes etc, and I was able to heal faster and without creating other problems that often cause the drugs. Today I continue to listen to programs like a good student.

Martine Bellocq, Bonsall, California, USA

I am very happy to be able to continue to benefit from the treatment of Doctor Tung, despite the "distancing" due to the current epidemic of coronavirus, thanks to the program "QUANTUM BIOTHERAPY" which I discovered on this occasion and of which I am already addicted!

These first days of regularly listening did to me the greatest good:

A feeling of soft and deep massage of the subtle layers of the different parts of the body and a tenfold increase in energy, for increased resistance.

Thank you!

Patrice Le Pihive, Cogolin, France

Osteopath, Masseur-Kinesitherapist, Yoga Teacher, Trainer

We heard about Dr. Tung many years ago when my wife learned that she had an illness affecting her kidney function.

Following some consultations in his office which resulted in a clear improvement in my wife's vitality, then in a sharp drop (unexplained by the medical staff who followed her) in markers showing the progress of her illness, Dr. Tung offered us audio files to continue their care at home and on a daily basis.

It was a series of sounds with specific frequencies that he had composed for my wife and that she had to listen to especially in the evening before falling asleep.

The first listenings left me doubtful, because of the impression of dissonance and cacophony of its sounds (which my wife listened to on her mobile phone in the evening while falling asleep)… my surprise was all the greater when my wife’s sleep drastically improved (and therefore her vitality even more during the day), and that I too (!!) sort of "passive listener" (as we say "passive smoker"), I noticed that the quality of my sleep had greatly improved (very deep and restful sleep, without waking up due to stress in particular).

The ease of use of its sounds and their clear effectiveness on the sleep and the health of my wife (and incidentally mine) push me to advise everyone to try this method: in the worst case, you listened for a few evenings of dissonant noises a few minutes before falling asleep, at best, you have discovered an easy to use method with no side effects that will radically improve your health and your sleep!

 Frédéric Nicolas, Moret-Sur-Loing, France

Following health problems, I suffered from recurrent anxiety attacks that were difficult to cope with, causing sometimes difficult nights filled with nightmares. Because of my profession as a concert flutist, I am also subject to an important activity often generating stress, particularly during concert periods ...

The treatment based on a medical device including an audio frequency therapy program undoubtedly provided a favorable response to my problems. Since then, and almost immediately my nightmares disappeared and I found a noticeable overall well-being.

When it happened to me more rarely now, to feel an anxiety attack rising in me, listening to this frequency file allows me to stop this crisis very quickly.

Philippe DEPETRIS, Concert flutist, Antibes, France

Used to a fragile health, I use various programs depending on what I need. I use them in addition to a strict lifestyle, where I pay attention to the food I eat. I see positive effects on my body in general and my health which has become more stable. Relapses are less severe and shorter than before.

Eliane, Bern, Switzerland

Rarely sick, I have only listened to the immune program three times on the train to fight the beginning of a cold, not putting too much faith into it. The symptoms quickly disappeared. I didn't have to take any medication on the side. Only a slight cold kept me up five days, but it did not degenerate into a cough, which normally happened to me.

Frédéric, Lausanne, Switzerland

Made of strong constitution, I used on recommendation the program "immunity" to fight a flu that I felt was coming. After 24 hours the symptoms have disappeared, however, I can't stand the frequencies well as they make me dizzy  when I listen to them. So I limited their listening to the maximum and yet the effect is there.

Marvin 16 years old, Thun, Switzerland

Due to health problems my son could not eat. His gastrostomy was scheduled a month later. After a few days of listening to the audio frequency therapy program, he began to eat normally. The operation was canceled, it was very impressive.

Clémence, Ramatuelle, France

After several months, I can with pleasure and gratitude for Doctor TUNG, say that my painful back pain has almost completely disappeared, as if this "vibratory filling" could "fill" my back with a specific force, had somehow toned and strengthened my spine.

Doctor TUNG is himself so convincing when he explains his treatment to you, and he does it with so much skill of course, but also with a human approach, knowing himself better than anyone that everything is connected and everything acts together, that "By believing in it" and "by wanting it", the treatment could have had an absolutely mind blowing effect on me.

So I express here, and very sincerely, my gratitude to Doctor TUNG and I hope that many

people can have an experience as positive and healing  as that I just described here.

Pierre Reach. Barcelonne, Spain

Pianist, concertist

My grandson was born immunocompromised. He received a transplant, the results of which were stagnating, started to take off after three weeks of listening to the audio frequency therapy program, surprising the entire medical staff! 

Now he's fine.

When I am too stressed, I listen to the therapy program for 1/2 hour and relaxation comes quietly smoothly. The efficiency is astonishing.

Clara B, Ramatuelle, France

At first a little doubtful, but after using it when I got sick I totally agree with it now, very good for helping healing or keeping your immune system running. It's been a few years since I have been using it, nothing to complain about.

Yoan C. Paris

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