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How to use the program


To be used 2 to 3 times a day (or even more if advised), for example in the morning at wake up time, in the evening at bedtime.


Sit in a quiet room, not to be disturbed, preferably alone, in a sitting or lying position.

Listening can be done through speakers or even better through earphones or headphones which makes it easier to pay attention.

The sound level should be reasonable, the sounds should not be harsh to the ear therefore lower the volume.

It is advisable to avoid another listening (music, TV).


Please note: it is striclty not recommended to use a program while driving or in the presence of a driver to avoid possible loss of alertness due to the relaxation effect.


The same program can be repeated without disadvantages,


2 different programs can be followed without disadvantages,


The program is personal but if it is listened as well by a third person, they cannot be disturbed (the instrument is already tuned in and therefore cannot be adjusted).

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