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What do we mean by energy?

Since Einstein’s famous formula showed the equivalence of matter and energy, it is easier to imagine that our vision should no longer be materialistic and that matter is in fact “condensed” energy.

The nature of man is tripartite: physical, psychic and spiritual. We can therefore speak:

- physical energy (electrical, magnetic, electromagnetic, hydraulic, etc.),

- psychic energy,

-and spiritual energy.

Each of these energies is not like a Russian doll, nested one inside the other.

In energetic medicine, there is no dualism between the physical and the psychic but an energetic unit as taught in the Greek (Peuma), Indian (Prana) or Chinese (Qi) Traditions.

It is particularly striking to note that the latest advances in quantum physics join these Traditions.


The goal of Quantum Biotherapy is to balance the energies on the physical and psychic planes.


Is it music therapy?

Music therapy is based on notes and melodies while Quantum Biotherapy is a sound therapy based on different frequencies related to our energy fields.




Can I continue to take my usual treatments at the same time?


In no case should the prescribed and followed treatments be stopped. In the event that symptoms improve or disappear, it is up to your doctor to modify his prescriptions.

I will be operated, what about the use of a program?

No disadvantage relating to the use of a program for a problem independent of the reasons for the operation.

It is even advisable to prepare the ground before the operation and to promote convalescence after this one by draining the toxins and the possible side effects brought by the anesthesia and the treatments.


Is there any incompatibility with metal osteosynthesis implants (nails, screws, pins ...)?

No incompatibility.




Are there any side effects?


Can a pregnant woman use “quantum biotherapy”?

There are no contraindications. Symptoms related or not to pregnancy may benefit from this therapy.

I have an auto-immune disease, treatments that boost the immune system are prohibited for me. What about the immunity program?


An auto-immune disease is an abnormality of the immune system that attacks the body, for example the thyroid, the intestine. Multiple sclerosis, lupus, Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis are some of these diseases.

Quantum Biotherapy acts as a regulator and not as a stimulator. It is an "upgrade" without risk of overcompensation. If 100 is the desired value, the program will not boost to 90 or 110.

There are therefore no contraindications.

From what age can programs be used?

From birth or even before to help pregnancy.

Why different programs for the same indication or symptom?

It is necessary to take into account other parameters (personal ground, other symptoms, age of the person, age of the problems ...).

According to the principle that all roads lead to Rome, the fastest is not necessarily the best, so we must treat what we have compared to what we are.

I am hard of hearing, can I use "quantum biotherapy", is it effective?

No problem, vibratory resonance works.

I am deaf, so sound therapy is impossible?

It is possible anyway! It should be known that we perceive sounds by aerial transmission to the auditory apparatus of the inner ear, but also by bone transmission. In this case, it is necessary to place the smartphone in contact with the bone called "mastoid" behind the lobe of the ear to allow the transmission of vibrations.


What is the lifespan of a program?

Lifelong if you take care to make several copies on different media, place in different places and redo every 5 years because modern computing is sensitive and can bug with software and software updates materials?



Do I have to download a specific application to listen to my program?

None apart from the mp3 music software (supplied with the computer) that will allow you to create playlists.


Is a program individual or can I share it with other family members?

In theory it is possible but the efficiency can be reduced taking into account the terrain which is individual. Let’s remember the principle: take care of what you have compared to what you are.


Can I listen to my program while my partner is listening to theirs?

Yes if you go through personal headphones.


If my entourage listens to my program, can it have side effects?



Can I listen to a program through headphones?

It is always interesting to be able to follow a treatment without imposing it on others, for example to respect the rest or the sleep of your spouse, or in a public transport (plane, train, car ...). In this case, adjust the volume so that the ear goes to the sounds and not the opposite and that there is no auditory fatigue.

In an airplane, it will be necessary to respect the instructions at the takeoff and the landing and to cut.

Warning: it is not recommended to use a program while driving or in the presence of the driver to avoid a possible loss of vigilance by relaxation effect.


Can I watch TV or work on my computer / tablet / phone while listening to the program?

It is advisable to avoid another listening (music, TV) or work on the computer. It is easier for the organization to assimilate one information at a time.

However, there are no absolute contraindications; the same with reading.


Do the frequencies on the TV or my computer / tablet / phone interfere with the effectiveness of the program?

No, because we are not in the same frequency bands.


What about electromagnetic pollution (3G, 4G, 5G) from a smartphone or tablet given its use as a medical device?

Quantumbiotherapy is a medical device based on low audio frequencies and does not contain electromagnetic pollution per se.

Modern technologies like smartphones use for transmission high frequency bands.


-avoid the abuse of the use of these devices.

-move the device as far away as possible.

-do not sleep with a device near you.

-privilege the use with headphones.


The sounds are bizarre or even unpleasant.

Depending on the frequencies, it will go from a siren, to a humming bird song!

Depending on your state of health and a possible lack of reserves, you will be able to bear it more or less. For example, as we approach sleep, we want to turn the sound down.

Effectiveness is not related to the high pitch. The ear must go to the sound and not the opposite for it to be pleasant and bearable.


Adjust the sound level as low as possible according to your sensitivity, especially with the headphones, possibly move the device away.


Do I need to hear the sound of the program for it to be effective or can I lower the sound without any problem?

Listening can be done through the speakers or better still through earphones or headphones which makes it easier to pay attention.

The sound level should be reasonable, the sounds should not be harsh to the ear or lower the volume.

Muting the sound cancels the therapeutic action and could be compensated for by putting the smartphone in contact with the bone behind the ear (bone transmission).


How many times a day should I listen to my program?

2 to 3 times a day (or more depending on advice), for example in the morning upon waking, in the evening at bedtime.


Can I listen to several programs in a row while keeping the same effectiveness of each program?



I don't have a smartphone or a computer. How can I listen to the programs?

It must be recorded on audio CD (so have a CD player), either by relatives or by us. Contact us for the terms (price, deadlines).




How does it work ? Why is the program effective on me?

Quantum Biotherapy is a medical device based on energy medicine and quantum medicine to allow better receptivity to all medical and paramedical treatments.


We can consider man as a physical and psychic musical instrument in an energy unit (matter-energy according to Einstein) which we must tune according to the principle of resonance.


2 bodies are said to resonate when they vibrate at the same frequency.

Example, the musical resonance: let's take 2 tuned violins, let's play the note "la" on one of them, the second will vibrate in "la" when we don't touch it.


Depending on the terrain which is personal and the symptoms presented, the work consists in translating into frequencies which will resonate with the pathological symptoms.


How long does the program take to work?

The body "registers" the frequencies immediately but the result will depend on different parameters such as the age of the problem (s) (recent, chronic), its intensity (acute ...), isolated or multiple diseases, the age of the subject.

The duration of a treatment follows the cycles of 1d, 3d, 7d, 21d.

Depending on the results, we will follow these cycles with the possibility of continuing with or without a break of 1d, 3d, 7d, 21d.


Are the benefits of the programs final or do I have to listen to them regularly?

Any problem can return since by definition we age: for example a cold, rheumatic pain ... If a problem returns, you can resume listening to a program.


And if after the prescribed listening period I don't feel any improvement, what should I do?

Persevere over one or even several cycles and depending on the evolution or not review the data to determine an analysis error or an oversight that could interfere or steer on a bad track.


I do not perceive little or no improvement!

Depending on the importance, the age of the symptom, the age of the patient, the number of problems, the improvement will be more or less rapid.

For example, nausea due to overeating or pregnancy-related or due to cancer chemotherapy responds very well but the resolution time is proportional to the cause.

Any therapy requires a logic of patience.


Can there be failure and why?

Any therapy can fail, there is no universal panacea and more than our successes, it is our failures that must move us forward.

Starting from the principle "I am responsible for what happens", health is a school of humility for both the patient and the therapist.

Every problem has a solution. It's up to us to find it.


Assuming there are no errors in the instructions for use of a program, several explanations are possible.

- An error in the description and the precision of the symptom.

Example: the program will not be the same for left or right shoulder pain or for its anterior, lateral or posterior location.


- Another symptom or another disease compromise and are somehow "priority". This results in a blockage upstream.

Example: a foot pain is often related to the lower back or pelvis. The ideal is to correct both by taking into account this hierarchy of causes.

In general, the energy used to fight a problem will be lacking for another disease.

Example: an ENT infection (throat, nose, ears) causes a loss of appetite, the energy used by the immune defenses is a priority.


-The program does not match the imbalance. It's like trying to tune a rope already tuned.


-The relationship between functional and organic is too much in favor of the latter.

At most, an illness requiring a surgical procedure will not respond to any treatment or medical device.


Would not efficiency be a placebo?

Any treatment in any medicine has a participation of the placebo effect in addition to of course the main action (physical, chemical ...).

The placebo effect indicates that there is a conscious and unconscious psychic relationship with any treatment, and with the idea that it is made of it. Its action is estimated on average at 30%! Sufficient to say that this aspect is positive unlike its opposite called "nocebo".


Do we have to believe in doing this treatment?

The phenomenon of resonance acts whether one believes in it or not; but what is certain is that trust and a positive attitude promote better efficiency therefore a faster result.


I need to understand to adhere to an at least anachronistic treatment.

This is common in subjects with a dominant left brain (the rational and mathematical that must balance with the left, intuitive and artistic).

Many computer users, how many know how it works.

Aspirin, the best medicine, was patented in the late nineteenth century and it was not until more than 70 years ago to understand the mechanisms and probably we have not discovered everything!

Critical thinking is a necessary quality to progress contrary to the spirit of criticism.


I fall asleep while listening to a program, what about efficiency?

During sleep, the hearing is always active, so there is no interruption of the sound action.

Being more relaxed or falling asleep is a good sign.


If you have any futher questions, we would be delightful to answer you, don't hesitate to contact us :


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